IT Asset Recovery

Cost-effective and secure IT Asset Recovery

Are your decommissioned IT assets taking up space in your data center and depreciating in value? Let us be your trusted partner with your IT Asset Recovery needs.

Imagine how convenient it would be if there was someone who could clean out your retired data center equipment for you. Start with one simple call us and you can check “IT Asset Recovery” off your to-do list.

NEXIAL removes server and storage equipment, providing you with an environmentally sustainable, secure and cost-effective solution to your asset disposal needs. We also help you maximize the value of your decommissioned IT assets with a cash return or credit for services and parts.

Does your current strategy include a data center or IT consolidation? Utilizing more efficient technologies leads to surplus equipment.  We can make your IT disposal process easy and secure. We’ll maximize your asset’s residual value and your floor space.