Meet our Hardware Consultants: You’ll find that our consultants are hardware wizards with the ability to queue up additional technical support from the experts in the Production Lab. Complex hardware needs are welcome!

What hardware does your data center need?

From finding a simple disk drive to assembling a fully integrated server solution,
we get to work finding the right answer for you.

You need a quick response time, with problem-solving experience and trusted results.
Talk to us today @ +44 7500118244 – hardware is our specialty.

Need ongoing support for your new equipment? We can arrange and provide the maintenance for your hardware.
It’s easy all-in-one service for your data center needs.


cut hardware costsCost-saving, customized options to meet your data center hardware needs.

Meet both your performance and budget requirements with our flexible solutions. Our experienced hardware sales consultants combine the right parts and strategies for your data center. An upgrade or a new system? We focus on getting you what you need out of your current IT environment, with an eye on your future demands – we’ll consider all the variables and present you with your best options.


Cart-Lime-150x150Experience  risk-free installation service.

With the purchase of a system or system upgrades, our certified engineers install your new equipment in your data center. We are on-site, checking that all systems are at optimal functionality, reviewing the details and ensuring that you are 100% satisfied that everything is working properly.



update-green-150x150Free up space and maximize the value of your old equipment with asset recovery.

Use the value of your retired assets for cash. Your decommissioned IT equipment can be converted to cash or credit to purchase new/refurbished equipment, parts or  on-site services. And to keep it simple for you, we take care of all aspects of moving your excess equipment off-site.